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Company Secretarial

Our team aids our clients in formulating, setting up and structuring various business entities to align with the precise wishes and needs of the client. In fostering the entities, we ensure that our clients’ files and records at the Companies registry are properly maintained making them compliant with the ever-evolving corporate and statutory regulations. In addition, our team guides and manages both the Board of Directors and shareholder meetings on behalf of our clients.

Business Meeting

Company Secretarial

Peris Wambui 

Martha Karua indirectly inspired Peris to pursue law because she grew up during a time when the media was besotted by her and termed her ‘The Iron Lady’, a moniker that intrigues Peris to date. But she has found that she derives infinitely more pleasure from practicing the law and helping others than she ever imagined.

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The MNM Law Team - Peris Wambui
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