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Noteworthy Cases

As a firm; our advocates have been involved in several high-profile and noteworthy cases in different sectors with different actors showing the spread of experience available to our clients. Some of them are:

USD 100 Million

Our conveyancing department guided several real estate developers in a real estate development project regarding large scale mixed-use projects in the Nairobi Metropolis with a value totaling USD 100 Million.


We provided legal consultancy to several clients regarding the sale, purchase or lease of commercial and residential units. This also involved undertaking the preparation and registration of the relevant legal instruments.

USD 50 Million

Our advocates provided a broad variety of legal solutions for a housing development project in Nairobi worth USD fifty Million.

Real Estate

The advocates in our real estate department represented blue-chip financial institutions in securities perfection via the drafting and registration of security documents including; charges, mortgages, debentures, security agreements on moveable properties, loan agreements and deeds of guarantees.

Mixed-user Developments

We advised commercial, residential and mixed-user developments and incorporated property management schemes on their behalf.

Acquisition of Land

The firm undertook several transactions for our clients including; extension of user, amalgamation and acquisition of land, changes and subdivision.

Advisory Services

Our competent conveyancing department undertook due diligence and provision of transactional advisory services for various corporations, property developers and financial institutions.

Legal Research

We carried out extensive legal research, provision of guidance and training on various aspects of land law with an emphasis on emerging practices.


Our advocates also guided various clients on issues dealing with compliance with land control requirements with respect to agricultural land and obtaining other necessary approvals from the relevant authorities.

Image by Clarisse Meyer


Acted on behalf of a parastatal against a suit questioning its authority to exercise statutory powers to control aspects of the tea sector filed by interested parties.

USD 10 Million

Appeared for the shareholders of a prominent engineering company in a case involving the shareholder’s equity in the company amounting to well over USD 10,000,000.


Represented an international construction corporation in a case disputing its mining rights over construction material in relation to the rights of adjacent property owners and the environmental protection concerns of the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA).

Labour Relations Court

Acted for a Water & Sewerage Company in several judicial review and employment cases in the High Court and the Employment and Labor Relations Court.

The firm acted on behalf of several premier banks, parastatals and various private companies at the Employment and Labor Relations Court in cases involving unfair and unlawful termination of employment.

Constitutional & Judicial Review

Appeared on behalf of a Water & Sewerage Company in a Constitutional and Judicial Review case involving the rights of citizens on mandatory land acquisition by the National Land Commission (NLC) on behalf of various statutory bodies.

Medical Technology - USD 200 Million

Our advocates represented a medical technology firm during arbitration proceedings on the acquisition of equipment whose total worth was over USD 200 Million.

Arbitration & Litigation Disputes

We represented a major retail chain of stores in several arbitration and litigation disputes including the winding up of proceedings.

Rights of Buyers

In one of our most significant cases, we acted on behalf of a well-known financial institution against a suit filed by property buyers addressing the question of the rights of the buyers against developers during the process of development and handing over of the properties to the buyers.

Regulatory Authority

The litigation department acted on behalf of a Regulatory Authority in a suit filed against the body questioning its powers of enforcement of safety, quality and operational standards by an actor in the industry.

Justice Scale

Insurance Companies

We appeared for several insurance companies in suits involving the rights of the insured and third parties under Chapter 405 of the Constitution.


The corporate and commercial department undertook the widespread corporate reorganization of a prominent insurance company and its subsidiaries.


Our advocates won a case defending a parastatal in a case involving procurement disputes in various levels of the court system and more significantly, at the Public Procurement Administrative Review Board.

Malpractice Suits

The firm represented several top hospitals and medical practitioners in the country in several malpractice suits (medical negligence) at various levels of the court system including; the High Court and at the Medical & Dentist’s Practitioners Board.

Family Matters

The advocates in the litigation department are also well-versed in the preparation of wills for families on matters of large estates of deceased persons, we also provided guidance on interpretation of wills and/or applications for representations in intestate succession.

Asset Disposal worth $150 Million

Our advocates in the commercial department acted in the shares and assets disposal on behalf of the proprietors of a major shopping complex valued at USD 150 Million.

Competition Authority of Kenya

We guided a huge chain of retail of well-known stores during their takeover by a private equity firm in relation to compliance with the requirements of the Competition Authority of Kenya to the satisfaction of the requirements of the Retail Association of Kenya.

Statutory Compliance

The firm advised several corporate boards in corporate governance and statutory compliance.

National Electronic Single Windows System Act

Our advocates led consultants in the formulation of the prestigious National Electronic Single Window Systems Act.

Contracts & Agreements

Our firm has been involved in the preparation of complex memoranda, contracts and agreements which include; concession and financing agreements and security contracts.


Our corporate and commercial department also takes part in the incorporation of companies, registration of business names, preparation of commercial agreements, corporate re-organization and guidance on corporate compliance issues.

Conference Room

Maritime Regulations

Our advocates have been legal consultants in the formulation of the commercial maritime regulations under the merchant shipping act mainly for; the container freight stations, the clearing and forwarding agents and the shipping lines and shipping agents.

E-money Transactions

Our advocates have acted on behalf of several payment service providers on matters payment services and e-money transactions and ensuring both their statutory compliance and with the legal regulatory regime.

Multi-National Companies 

We have been involved in the setting up and localization of several multi-national companies in the East Africa region with an emphasis on structuring the shareholding, preparation of intercompany agreements and preparation of employment and consultancy contracts and finally, facilitating the obtaining of the necessary work permits and special passes from the Immigration Department for persons working in the country.

Real Estate

The advocates in our real estate department represented blue-chip financial institutions in securities perfection via the drafting and registration of security documents including; charges, mortgages, debentures, security agreements on moveable properties, loan agreements and deeds of guarantees.

Agriculture, fisheries & Food Authority Act

Our team has consulted in the process to review, harmonize and consolidate laws regulating up to eight regulatory bodies in the agricultural sector which brought them under the Agriculture Fisheries and Food Authority Act, 2013 (now repealed) and Crops Act (2013).

Legal Requirements

We guided various blue-chip clients including; top financial institutions, insurance companies, Saccos, micro-finance companies and media companies on various relevant legal requirements.

Legal & Governance Audits

Our firm has been prominently involved in conducting legal and governance audits on certain state corporations, and private and public companies.

Joint Ventures

Advocates in the commercial department were part of the development of the concept and creation of a joint venture (consortium and equity partnership) between international companies involved in the implementation and the rollout of telco networks for the COMESA region.

Intellectual Property

We guided several companies on diverse intellectual property regimes alongside participating in the registration of industrial designs, utility models, patents and trademarks.

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