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The MNM Law - Practice Areas
The MNM Law - Practice Areas
MNM Law - Practice Areas
MNM Law - Practice Areas


Our team of Corporate and Commercial Advocates take a keen interest in our clients’ businesses by understanding the peculiar aspects thereof to offer appropriate tailor-made solutions by combining their legal expertise with business sense and intuition. We offer our clients counsel and also undertake negotiations on their behalf or with them on various aspects of commercial transactions including, legal due diligence of private and public entities, businesses and asset acquisitions, mergers, share purchase arrangements, joint ventures, syndications, restructuring and privatizations. 



Our efficient team of Advocates in the litigation department have developed excellent expertise in litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution matters, be it in crucial sensitive transactions or complex disputes you can fully count on the proficiency of our team. Our Advocates have a single goal: to achieve success through either settlement or battle in court. 

In normal human discourse, business, social interactions and relationships there is exposure to opportunities and risks. Enhancing those opportunities and mitigating the risks requires a clear understanding of the legal systems, trade practices and customs associated thereto.

With our experience, we are in an excellent position to identify our clients’ exposure to potential disputes and lawsuits. We appreciate the importance of dispute prevention as well as effective dispute resolution to manage risks or help our clients avoid or resolve disputes altogether. 

In instances where our clients need to challenge decisions that may impact their business or lives, our team has the expertise to handle the court process and /or pursue Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).



Land is a sacrosanct factor of production that is highly valued in Kenya owing to its cultural and societal affiliations to it. Land acquisition and utilization are often fraught with risks and uncertainties. For this reason, you need a reliable, knowledgeable and diligent counsel in matters of land and real estate. Our firm has the best legal minds to offer you strategic and practical advice and solutions. 


We appreciate that the law is a dynamic discipline that is ever-changing and evolving. Our department of Legal Research and Consultancy ensures that our clients are well guided on the proper position of the law and appraise them on changes in such laws as well as the impact of new and proposed laws. This ensures they take adequate measures to attain their objectives without interruptions.


In order to achieve our objectives, this department:

  • Offers training to our clients on existing and new laws in their related fields making sure they remain compliant with the legal system.

  • In conjunction with our litigation department, assists our clients in keeping up to date with the judicial pronouncements that affect their specific areas of operations.

  • Supports our clients who seek to participate and influence legislative processes by providing them adequate legal advice to do so successfully.

  • Provides consultancy on legislative drafting.

  • Disseminates information focusing on public interest areas.

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