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Environmental Law

Ownership and utilization of land and the need to protect the environment have been central themes locally and globally. Various laws have been promulgated to deal with the two aspects, yet they remain major sprouts of disputes. Our team of experts offer bespoke services and applies a pragmatic approach to dispute resolution in the sector. We offer our clients representation in tribunals and  courts.

10% growth in our corporate law practice over the last 3 years


Represented an international construction corporation in a case disputing its mining rights over construction material in relation to the rights of adjacent property owners and the environmental protection concerns of the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA).

Environmental Law Lead

Godfrey Bwire

Godfrey is the larger-than-life lawyer at MNM and is currently focused on honing his practicing craft. In the near future he does not rule out trying to be a judge during his sunset years.

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The MNM Law Team - Kassim Bwire
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