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Kenya has been touted as the Silicon Savanna for being at the center stage of development in the ICT space. This has been enabled by high-speed internet connectivity and a young and skilled populace that combine to present innumerable opportunities for innovations in the financial sector. We have a team of knowledgeable personnel who are well-versed in financial IP, domestic compliance as well as the local and international regulatory framework.

We incorporate FinTech institutions and advise them on laws relating to digital lending, money remittance and data protection. Additionally, we advise on compliance with the relevant laws such as the Banking Act, National Payment Systems Act, Data Protection Act and Central Bank of Kenya Act.

Shared Office


Peris Wambui 

Martha Karua indirectly inspired Peris to pursue law because she grew up during a time when the media was besotted by her and termed her ‘The Iron Lady’, a moniker that intrigues Peris to date. But she has found that she derives infinitely more pleasure from practicing the law and helping others than she ever imagined.

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The MNM Law Team - Peris Wambui
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