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The MNM Law Team - Hannah Wahu

Hannah Wahu 

Head of Conveyancing & Commercial 

+254 722 147001

Corporate Place, Kiambere Road, Upper Hill

​P. O. Box 16328 - 00100 Nairobi, Kenya

A Bit About Me

Hannah is openly passionate about safeguarding the interests of her clients from start to finish when involved in conveyancing and real estate developments. In fact, she’s so passionate about the issue, her project in university delved into the issue of conveyancing.

Hannah, MNM Head of Conveyancing & Commercial

"I find joy in the processes and procedures that govern the law, laid out after years of growth and constant refurbishment. It makes me happy to be part of building it."
The MNM Law Team

Professional Expertise

Hannah is a nine-year veteran advocate and the head of conveyancing and the commercial department at the firm. She stresses that she never doubts that she was born to be a lawyer, an ever-present dream from childhood that informs her intensity in pursuing matters that affect her clients. She has vast experience acting in matters involving; real estate, banking finance and securities, projects development and finance.

With the new direction that the firm is taking, Hannah is at the forefront of actualizing the concepts governing the new approach and is the standards of operations champion due to her stringent orderliness and adherence to processes. She foresees a future where the more complicated cases the firm is involved in including; structuring of large mix use developments, undertaking due diligence on property, preparation of letters of offers and agreements for sale, leases, charges, transfer documents and procuring of completion documents are smoother for the clients due to increased capacity by the firm to handle such cases.

Hannah is a member of the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) the East Africa Law Society (EALS) and can be found organizing meet-ups between her friends and family.

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