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Harriet Sang

Advocate in the Litigation Department


+254 702 394 838

Corporate Place, Kiambere Road, Upper Hill

​P. O. Box 16328 - 00100 Nairobi, Kenya

Harriet Sang, Advocate in the Litigation Department

In the hallowed halls of justice, the scales of truth and the sword of righteousness must forever remain balanced, for it is here that society's conscience finds its voice.

A Bit About Me

Harriet is a qualified professional with over six years’ experience, and has demonstrated expertise in Insurance law, as well as representing a vast number of Clients across the country. She has successfully prosecuted high-profile cases in various Courts throughout Kenya.

Harriet loves History, Literature and Poetry. She would have been a writer in another life. She’s also passionate about fighting for, and protecting the rights of the girl child. She has been providing pro bono legal services through Kituo Cha Sheria.

She actively practices Civil Litigation, which includes representing individuals, financial institutions, companies and multinational corporate entities. Her experience extends to representation in Probate and administration matters, land disputes and employment disputes. 

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