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Legal Research & Consultancy

We appreciate that the law is a dynamic discipline that is ever-changing and evolving. Our department of Legal Research and Consultancy ensures that our clients are well guided on the proper position of the law and appraise them on changes in such laws as well as the impact of new and proposed laws. This ensures they take adequate measures to attain their objectives without interruptions.

In order to achieve our objectives, this department:

  • Offers training to our clients on existing and new laws in their related fields making sure they remain compliant with the legal system.

  • In conjunction with our litigation department, assists our clients in keeping up to date with the judicial pronouncements that affect their specific areas of operations.

  • Supports our clients who seek to participate in and influence legislative processes by providing them with adequate legal advice to do so successfully.

  • Provides consultancy on legislative drafting.

  • Disseminates information focusing on public interest areas.

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Our advocates use the latest technology and resources to keep up to date with dynamic legislation in the legal field. 


We offer tailor-made training to our clientele on existing and ever-evolving new laws in their various relevant fields to ensure their compliance with the legal system. In partnership with our litigation department, we keep our clients updated with judicial pronouncements affecting their specific areas of operation. We offer guidance and legal advice to our clients who seek to participate in and influence legislative processes. Via legislative drafting on a consultant basis, we help create legislation. The legal research and consultancy team also spreads information on public interest areas of law.

Legal Research & Consultancy Lead

Steven Ooko

In his free time, he is a part-time football coach cum player and is an avid Manchester United fan who senses that his club is on the rise once more.

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The MNM Law Team - Stephen Ooko
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