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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Our efficient team of Advocates in the litigation department have developed excellent expertise in litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution matters, be it in crucial sensitive transactions or complex disputes you can fully count on the proficiency of our team. Our Advocates have a single goal: to achieve success through either settlement or battle in court.

In normal human discourse, business, social interactions and relationships there is exposure to opportunities and risks. Enhancing those opportunities and mitigating the risks requires a clear understanding of the legal systems, trade practices and customs associated thereto.

With our experience, we are in an excellent position to identify our clients’ exposure to potential disputes and lawsuits. We appreciate the importance of dispute prevention as well as effective dispute resolution to manage risks or help our clients avoid or resolve disputes altogether.

In instances where our clients need to challenge decisions that may impact their business or lives, our team has the expertise to handle the court process and /or pursue Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Practice areas within Litigation & Dispute Resolution

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