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Sean Mwerebi


+254 706 815583

Corporate Place, Kiambere Road, Upper Hill

​P. O. Box 16328 - 00100 Nairobi, Kenya

A Bit About Me

Sean is a happy-go-lucky lawyer that is the life of the party at the firm alongside being one of the firm’s brightest prospects. He first got interested in the law due to the flamboyance displayed by the lawyers in popular television dramas like ‘Suits’ and ‘Better Call Saul’.

Sean, MNM Lawyer

"Nothing beats getting satisfactory results for my clients and looking good while at it."

Professional Expertise

Sean, is a highly motivated and passionate individual with a strong foundation in both Litigation and Commercial Law. With a passion for Privacy Law and a commitment to advancing the field, Sean has honed his skills in legal research, analysis, and document drafting through his tutelage experience at MNM Advocates. Sean has walked with the firm in advancing his experience and knowledge in Litigation, Commercial law and Conveyancing, preparing him to navigate complex legal issues and furthermore, contribute to the Legal Industry.

Sean has big aspirations for his future in the legal industry. He intends to be a major player in the Tech and Privacy law field, leveraging his expertise and unique perspective to drive positive change and protect the privacy rights of individuals and organizations.

As a world traveler who enjoys meeting new people and exploring new cultures, as well as an avid hiker who loves to challenge himself on the trails and connect with nature, Sean brings a unique perspective to his work in the legal industry. These experiences have allowed Sean to expand his network and bring a fresh outlook to complex legal issues.

With a strong work ethic, excellent communication skills, and a passion for life, Sean is confident in his ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with clients, colleagues, and other stakeholders. His goal is to make a meaningful impact in the legal industry, particularly in the area of privacy law, and he is eager to play a role in advancing this critical ever evolving field.

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