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The MNM Law Team - Stephen Ooko

Steven Ooko

Head of Litigation

+254 723 981958, +254 736 784378

Corporate Place, Kiambere Road, Upper Hill

​P. O. Box 16328 - 00100 Nairobi, Kenya

A Bit About Me

In his free time, he is a part-time football coach cum player and is an avid Manchester United fan who senses that his club is on the rise once more.

Steven, Head of Litigation

"Law is a very dynamic animal and the beauty of it is finding the inner workings of such a diverse subject to the benefit of my clients."
The MNM Law Team

Professional Expertise

Steven is the head of litigation at the firm; he has extensive experience in commercial, civil, criminal, family, and electoral law litigation with an emphasis on legal issues pertaining to land. Steven favours litigation showcasing his eloquence in the courtroom, where he represents clients including; companies, individuals, and various financial institutions.

Alongside this, Steven is also proficient in family law specializing in succession; testate and intestate, division of matrimonial property, divorce, drafting of wills and codicils and even the delicate bits of family law that involve children matters. Steven stresses on the merits of dispute resolution in matters of the family to preserve the sanctity of the family setup and relationship rather than acrimonious court battles.

Steven has vast experience guiding clients on disputes relating to real estate developments and appearing for clients in tribunals and in court to settle matters related to land ownership, disposition and acquisition.

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